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Tyler and Kristen's Wedding, 22nd August, 2015

Tyler and Kristen' Wedding

August 22nd, 2015


KristenTyler WED 0315 editI had the great pleasure of being asked to do the wedding flowers for this young couple. Bride and junior bridesmaids bouquets, boutonniers, corsages, cake topper, and 21 mason jar arrangements for the table centres for reception.


KristenTyler WED 0046 editThe bride and groom were so appreciative of my work, so it was wonderful to work with them, and have a small part in helping them make their dreams, and wishes come true on their special day!


KristenTyler WED 1198 editIt was a beautiful sunny day for their outdoor wedding at Graig Bay, and outdoor reception at their oceanside family home.


Wedding Flowers

Chris and Janelle's Wedding, 2nd. August, 2015.


image JC

It was my pleasure to be asked to do the wedding flowers for their wedding at Nanoose Bay, wedding was to take place at Chris's parents beauitful home which overlooked Georgia Straight, and across to the mainland.

image Mason jarsI made 7 Qt. sized Mason jars of mixed flowers arrangements from my cutting garden, they included snapdragons, zinnias, sweet peas, and greenery. These were used as table centres, in the home, and outside on the signing table.

imageThe bride had requested a natural looking bouquet, with a little bit of wildness! Flowers included snapdragons, sweet peas, 2 varieties of David Austin Roses, and a spray rose, bells of Ireland, Peacock Flower, zinnia, coneflower, wax flower,dusty miller, jasmine, seeded eucalyptus, and more. I bought a few flowers and some greenery, but 90% was cut from my garden. I also made a hair comb for back of the brides hair, using some seeded eucalyptus, wax flower, spray roses, and greenery.

I also made 3 boutonnieres, as well as a cake topper, and supplied a garland for a small table, using about 4' of a clematis vine greenery.

I loved making the wedding flowers, and was very happy that the bride loved her bouquet, and the rest of the flowers, it sure was a pleasure for me!

imageChris Janelle

Congratulation Chris and Janelle!


- Elaine


Cutting gardening is producing bouquets!

Bouquets for Market.

June 5th.

image roses in gardenFarmers Market at Historical Museum last night was busy, and such a beautiful evening to attend!

image sweet peas bouquets

I was kept busy with my table, and sold out of my bouquets I had made in the morning, I did take some buckets of flowers, and was able to make a few more to sell as well.

Flowers in season are; Achillea (paprika, and gold), lilies, Feverfew, Campanula, Delphinium, Sweet William, Sweet Pea, Ladies Mantle, Roses, Batchelor Buttons, Aquilegia, Shasta Daisy, and Dahlias.  

image flower stand

The David Austin Roses are in full bloom, and are a gorgeous sight in the front flower beds, I would love to add them into the bouquets, but unfortunately they do not have a long vase life, but are a wonderful addition to bridal bouquets!

imaged lower on stand

Check out my roadside stand at 2502 Blokker Road, just off Powder Point, & Rowland Road, behind St. Mary's Church! I have Sweet pea bunches for $3, bouquets and small arrangements $10.


This week on the farm

Farm chores this month include; digging dahlias and storing over winter, pre sprouting Ranunculus corms, tiding and preparing beds, cutting back perennial, starting sweet peas, and other hardy annuals, planting bulbs, and bare root peony's!

Lainey's Bouquets - What's happening

February 22nd. 2015 -


What's happening at Lainey's Bouquets, and flowering in the garden!


flower 4With such a warm winter in Nanoose Bay, Spring is several weeks early this year, I have a camellia just coming into bloom, the Hellebors have been flowering for several weeks, I love them, as they are a welcome sight in mid winter when they start to flower. The first to bloom in my garden are the white ones, (Christmas) then followed by the Gold Collection Helleborous, which have outward facing blooms, I have cream with a blush of pink colour, (they last well in a vase, I slit the end of the stem) and then the creamy pink colour, as in the photo. I also have two other plants, although very pretty white/pink, they hang their heads and you have to lift their little faces up to see them better! They are grown on the north west side of the house, and have multiplied into a substantial area now, after less than 3 years in the ground.

flowersI have blue and pink Anenome's starting to flower, I left the plants in the ground from last year, and they are grown in the open field, with no shelter, the  plants are a good size, and I have picked a few stems, they were fairly short, but usually they get longer further into the season. I pre sprouted a tray each of Anenome's and Ranunculus last week, after soaking the corms over night, I half filled a tray with damp compost, scattered the corms, and filled the rest of the trays up with compost, I put a plastic lid on them, and put them in my greenhouse to sprout.

Fragrant Narsissis are in bud, tulips are growing well, and have also seen the odd lily poking out of the ground!

I have self sown sweet pea plants about 6" tall growing in the garden, they germinated in the Fall, and have not been fazed by the cold weather we had in November. I  also started some in trays in mid Jan. they are nearly ready to be hardened off, and planted outside. I started Lisianthus mid Jan. also, they germinated in 14 days, but are playing the waiting game with them now, as they are just sitting! They haven't grown their second set of leaves yet, I can see why most people just buy plugs! They are notorious for slow growth, that is why you have to have patience, and start them in the winter. I am starting some Hardy annuals in the garage this week, on heat mats, the garage is heated as well. 

flower 3Roses as have started making crazy growth this week, I usually prune the end of March, so I guess it will be earlier this year, the lawns are growing as well, and have mowed them twice this year already!

Elaine ~

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